Tokyo Sexy Girls

They are always desperate to have sex

Tokyo, big city Tokyo.

Many people live on.
Many many human. But not only human being.
Some Extraterrestrials are moving on Tokyo.

Their lives are different from you.
Their desire, eating, enjoyment, and sex are different from us.
It is not major case, but sometimes human being is victim.
Something is happening at Tokyo night always.

"Peace Keeper Felica" New story

beautiful guardian goddess

Since my specialty is intelligent investigation, I usually collect information by monitoring the primitive network of the earth's "Internet" at the hide.
Today there was a strange death case that I care about a bit, so I decided to ask Felica to investigate it, but Felica was going to follow me as I was pursuing something.
I was looking for a place where a dead body was found, but I seem to have misread the way to read the map.
Apparently I was lost in the back alley. .
"Hey, girl, what are you doing"

Randam read "Peace Keeper Felica"

Tokyo Sexy Girls Tokyo Sexy Girls Tokyo Sexy Girls
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