Tokyo Sexy Girls

They are always desperate to have sex

Tokyo, big city Tokyo.

Many people live on.
Many many human. But not only human being.
Some Extraterrestrials are moving on Tokyo.

Their lives are different from you.
Their desire, eating, enjoyment, and sex are different from us.
It is not major case, but sometimes human being is victim.
Something is happening at Tokyo night always.

"Peace Keeper Felica" New story

beautiful guardian goddess

Reica which has returned to the apartment on the next day was observed, but a change wasn't felt in particular. There were no foul-smelling changes at all, so I was relieved. I thought the atmosphere changed a little freely some.
Which place isn't a reason how, so that would be a problem, some different feeling. The feeling that the posture former she seems to have always pulled one step of which crab out of which was that it's expressing itself at the front does.
Because it's being just seen separately, you can't say clearly, it's seen as something changed. A cause of a moth bye? Was there something for her only by contact at that night?
When saying that it's strange, though you stole into a strange man in the room, she doesn't report to the police.

Randam read "Peace Keeper Felica"

Tokyo Sexy Girls Tokyo Sexy Girls Tokyo Sexy Girls
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