Tokyo Sexy Girls

They are always desperate to have sex

Tokyo, big city Tokyo.

Many people live on.
Many many human. But not only human being.
Some Extraterrestrials are moving on Tokyo.

Their lives are different from you.
Their desire, eating, enjoyment, and sex are different from us.
It is not major case, but sometimes human being is victim.
Something is happening at Tokyo night always.

"Peace Keeper Felica" New story

beautiful guardian goddess

"Thank you very much for helping at that time."
That time is my first time for her meeting me. He invaded her apartment, that time. And I'm seeing her many times. Secret. Observation. Watch.
It's twice to meet face to face.
"No, you're welcome. Because it's work."< br> "Oh. I thought you were working for one of clubs. I'm sorry. Is it the police?"< br>? "It isn't the police, but it's close."< br> "Ah, Do you drink?"< br>? I think that wine and champagne are cold.
"I'm working."< br> "Ah, I drink."< br> She poured deep red wine into a glass by herself.

Randam read "Peace Keeper Felica"

Tokyo Sexy Girls Tokyo Sexy Girls Tokyo Sexy Girls
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